I reached out to Bernadette for help with condensing a speech that I was working on from 5 minutes to under 3 minutes. She is excellent at providing different perspectives to consider, guiding me to take out the fluff and focus on the meat & focusing on keeping the desired outcome in mind. I was able to accomplish my goal and feel confident that I could deliver to my client. I look forward to working with her again and highly recommended her to those of you seeking honest, direct and meaningful guidance with your life or business challenges.

~ Harmoni

Bernadette Jackson’s ability to take an idea from its infant stage to complete manifestation through helping you map out next best steps for execution, while providing you with clarity, igniting focus, and driving you to the finish line has been nothing short of a blessing in my life! She has helped me establish strategic boundaries around time, organization, field management and enforce implementation that ensures we get the desired result and outcome of our goals and overall vision. Her gift is nothing short of exceptional and her passion undeniably shows up in every strategy she births to help manifest your dreams!

~ Jabrita

In ONE session I went from having a vague business idea to having a framework and strategy for launching my speaking business! Bernadette guided me through a process that was simple and effective. Now I’m 100% confident that I not only have a clear, effective business idea, but I also have ALL of the tools necessary to successfully execute my plan. I couldn’t have been happier with the coach, the process or the result. Bernadette is worth every dime she charges AND MORE! Do yourself a favor and book her today!

~ Gamal

Before I started working with Bernadette I had a vision but need help with executing my plan. Bernadette helped me develop a strategy for my launch that made sense for me and my brand. Bernadette’s unique skillset helped me see that all of my vision was vital and come up with a game plan that is still yielding results. I’m so glad I started working with Bernadette!

~ Enid

During my time with Bernadette, she provided me with healing and coaching in many areas of my life; relationships, interview advice, and my startup business. I struggled with messaging for my business. Bernadette strategized with me, providing clarity on my ideas. Bernadette always has great advice and words of wisdom to give you the confidence to take action on your goals.

~ Tashi

Bernadette provided ways to further enhance and ensure a consistent and effective message for my jewelry brand. Together we have succeeded in finalizing my “elevator pitch.” Discussed strategies that will influence and raise brand awareness to those I seek to serve. She is amazing at understanding the message for my brand as well as help understanding my audience behavior. I am truly grateful to Bernadette for her brand strategist/strategy skills. With all that has been accomplished with Bernadette, I now have a clear and concise message of my brand and I’m ready to pursue full speed ahead with other goals that will help with the growth of my jewelry brand.

~ TinaMaria

Bernadette has a heart for hearing, even what’s not being said by, the women she coaches. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge around getting to the root of what causes a woman to question her very identity and self-worth.She offers an in-depth understanding of how young girls, and eventually women, are shaped by the absence or even neglect of their fathers, knowing that only through healing can a woman become empowered to move beyond her past hurts to a a place of self-love that fills the voids left from childhood. She’s holds you accountable to keep you on your path to wholeness.

~ Kimberly

Bernadette helped me organize and restructure my group model. She also helped me develop a streamlined strategy on my marketing to get the right people in my community. Since our last session I have implemented the strategy and have gained 5 new members in just 10 days. Thank you!

~ Theo

Bernadette has a special gift of hearing not only your words but also your heart. I reached out to Bernadette to help me with my messaging. With so many ideas in my head and pages and pages of thoughts, I struggled with how to say it succinctly in a way that my audience would receive. I left our conversation feeling empowered with a SOLID game plan on how to serve women and my community.

~ QL