Access Authenticity

In her debut as an author, Bernadette guides you on a journey to discovering your truest identity with Access Authenticity.

After hiding parts of yourself for so long, are you ready to meet the woman within? Access Authenticity is a soul-searching journal designed to help you uncover your most authentic self.

Through over 170 thoughtful prompts, tap into what really drives you, soothes you, and sometimes disrupts your flow. Learn where defense mechanisms may be holding you back from meaningful connections. And integrate the sides of yourself you’ve kept secret, so the world can finally meet the real you.

If you’re ready to access a life where intimacy, vulnerability, and fulfillment replace hiding, frustration, and muted emotions, this journal lights the path. Not only will you get clarity on past patterns, you’ll gain the courage and tools to walk confidently as your most authentic self moving forward.

The real you has been waiting long enough. Isn’t it time you got acquainted?

Daughter HEAL

A call to fatherless daughters to take a fresh look at old wounds.

In her latest book, strategist and speaker Bernadette Jackson guides women struggling from father loss through a practical 4-part framework of heart-work, envisioning, activation, and leverage to rewrite destructive internal narratives, manifest healthy relationships, communicate effectively, set boundaries, and cultivate a community of support.

Having overcome her own traumatic childhood coping mechanisms rooted in an absent father, Bernadette combines her personal experience with years working alongside women in similar situations. With compassion and wisdom cultivated on her own journey to wholeness, she empowers you to break free of past pain dictating your future.

Walk away renewed, seen, understood, and equipped to intentionally design the emotionally- rich connections your spirit craves in all areas of life. The relatable stories, practical exercises, and vulnerable sharing allow women healing from fractured father relationships to finally feel seated at the table they belong.

The warmth, wisdom, and courage within these pages await your brave heart saying yes to wholeness, no longer hostage to its history. Join the movement of daughters healing for good!

Bernadette Jackson

Bernadette Jackson is a Relationship Engagement Strategist, author, TEDx speaker and the founder of Daughter Heal, a non profit organization at the intersection of emotional wellness and relational stability for women with fractured father relationships.

Through the curation of psychoeducational resources, intimate events, speaking and the creation of safe spaces, Bernadette guides women into discarding their palatable persona, embarking on a self exploratory journey and showing up in life and love authentically. Her books Access Authenticity (2022) and Daughter HEAL (2023), have been used by women to learn, grow and heal.

Bernadette is an insightful thought leader that makes audiences feel seen, heard and deeply understood. Her workshops and keynotes are described as life changing and self affirming. Stay connected with Bernadette by visiting or following her on Instagram @BernadetteNJackson.