I create safe spaces for fatherless daughters to learn, grow and heal.

What if I told you that your father’s absence is no reflection on your worth or value.

You were not meant to live in fear that you will never experience the love you want.

Does this Sound familiar?

Frustration over failed relationships.

Doubt that the feelings a person has for you are real.

Anxiety that the other shoe in your relationship will drop at any minute.

Fear that if you don’t show up perfectly, you won’t be seen as worthy.

Seeking validation in relationships will not make you feel more valued or worthy. Self love does that. You need a relationship recipe that will help you build self love and lead you to the amazing relationship you deserve.

You have spent too much time proving your worth in relationships only to end up at square one when the relationship ends. 

You pour your all into every relationship. When are you going to pour your all into the relationship you have with yourself?

You make sure the needs of those you love are always met. 

Why don’t you prioritize your needs with the same dedication?

You avoid intimacy and vulnerability in relationships. 

You can’t continue hiding behind that wall of pain and think you will experience the amazing relationships you deserve.

I have been exactly where you are. I remember sitting alone, on my birthday, in the dead of winter, in a dark and cold apartment because just three days before I had broken up with the man I thought would be my husband. I had a coming to Jesus moment that night. He told me that if I was the common denominator in all of my failed relationships, I was the one who needed to change if the quality of my relationships were going to change. I took the next few years to learn, grow and heal from the pain of my father loss. I want to help you to do the same thing.

Hi! I’m Bernadette Jackson

Relationship Engagement Strategist

Here’s what I know for sure… You deserve amazing relationships!

As a fatherless daughter, I know what it’s like to not feel chosen by the very man that should love you. So you think that no one else will be able to love you either. Let me just tell you that what you’ve believed all this time couldn’t be further from the truth. 

I’ve spent almost a decade educating and mentoring teens on how to navigate their spaces safely and show up authentically in relationships. I know how to look for the connections in the stories people tell and point out the patterns they don’t see. Now I use my expertise in my role as a Relationship Engagement Strategist to create the safe space fatherless daughters need to process their father loss so that they can experience the amazing relationships they desire and deserve.

~ Bernadette Jackson

Imagine finding your validation in yourself and not at the end of someones interest in you. Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy of every good thing you envision for yourself. Right Now! Not when you are smarter, more successful, married, skinnier, gain approval or anything else you’ve attached to your self worth.

Let’s get you to the amazing relationships you desire and deserve.


In this 10 week course you will…

  1. Connect the dots between your father story and your failed relationships so that you never have to feel like you won’t ever experience the love you really want.
  2. Get equipped with the language to confidently articulate your needs & desires so that you feel truly cared for in relationships.
  3. Master the mindset necessary to attract the partners who have the capacity to make you feel secure & chosen
  4. Break down once and for all what a healthy relationship is and how you can maintain one.

What’s Included

How would your relationships be different if you could:

Discover your father story so that you can learn once and for all what has kept you accepting anything less than the amazing relationships you deserve.

Understand your fear based responses and why you use them so that you can get out of the cycle of self sabatoge and trash relationships. 

Identify your transparent truths so that you start responding in relationships in a way that makes it crystal clear how you need to be supported without feeling fear of rejection or shame. 

Your transformation is waiting.


The H.E.R Way program is the absolute truth. The most powerful work I’ve done as a result of this program is write letters to both of my parents. One has been placed in the mail and the other I’m still writing. As I’m writing I feel a new level of clarity coming through and whether or not I get responses, or the type of response that I desire I know that I will be ok. The truth of the matter is, although my father was not present or emotionally available, I am worthy, I am loved, I am valuable, I am smart, I have purpose, and I have great people in my life.

There were so many AHA moments that I could go on. I am so grateful for being able to participate in this process. I feel so empowered and I can trust myself again to have the right tools to better evaluate situations. I no longer feel like a paranoid hurt little girl but an empowered and enlightened woman who is ready to take on the world.


This opportunity has allowed me to grow and create boundaries and I now know my worth. I has also provided me with tools that will help me for when I have moments that I feel myself regressing back to the person I was when I first started the program. I’m currently encouraging my sisters and some of my friends whose fathers weren’t in their lives prominently to look into this program because I feel like it could work well with all of them.


The H.E.R Way Relationship Intensive course was all that I imagined plus more.  This program helped me find clarity about the role I played in past relationships that stemmed from my relationship with my father. The tools and exercises provided can be used for a lifetime. I learned how to identify my feelings and communicate them effectively to show up to others.  Thank you Bernadette for the confidence and encouragement to build new, healthy relationships in different areas of my life and to start dating again!


The course really helped me start my healing process with my father story . Loved each module and the journal prompts . Biggest takeaways we’re learning how to set boundaries, learning my behavior pattern and knowing that I can have the healthy relationships I need by identifying my needs.


Bernadette not only taught me how my fatherlessness has affected my relationships, especially my relationships with males, but she also taught me how to show up for myself and how to set boundaries to protect my mental and emotional health. In addition, she taught me how to respond to my triggers instead of reacting to them. The course is a life changer.


Say Yes To The Amazing Relationships You Deserve!

What makes this program different?

You will not find another program that understands that your father loss has been the lens through which every one of your decisions were made and what that has meant for your life and relationships.

No other program approaches relationship building the way I do. You will learn how to determine what YOUR amazing relationship looks like and be equipped with the skills to both attract and maintain it.